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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a pool company, can’t I do this myself?

Of course you can take care of a pool yourself. Sometimes though, life can get hectic and before you know it, it’s been weeks since you’ve taken the time and now that you want to swim, it’s green. Take the frustration out of owning a pool and let us help. With a full-service plan, we take care of the chemicals and also-Scrub the walls, skim the surface, remove debris from baskets and cleaner bag, vacuum and backwash the filter as needed (in the case of a DE filter). Yes, we take care of your built-in spa too!

I got busy and now my pool is green. Can you help?

Absolutely. We offer pool start ups, green to cleans, drain and clean, and pressure washing services. Give us a call to set up an appointment so we can tailor make an estimate. Not all green pools are green for the same reason, and we don’t make cookie cutter quotes. After we get your pool sparkling again, we can help keep it that way.

I like to take care of my pool, but I am not a chemist. Can you just help with maintaining chemical levels?

Sure can, we offer chemical only service plans. Our technicians are trained in proper chemical usage and balancing. Pool water chemistry is more than just adding chlorine, as other chemicals need to be properly balanced to keep clear, blue water.

I frequently go out of town. How do I make sure my pool is being maintained?

We use a scheduling software that send automatic emails immediately after a service visit is completed. Our technicians take pictures of your pool, both before and after so you can rest assured we are keeping your pool maintained at our, and your, high standards. This email notes chemical levels on arrival, and also will alert you to low water and potential issues or needed repairs.

I need a new pump (filter, chlorinator, etc), can I buy one off of Amazon for you to install?

Unfortunately, no. We buy all of our equipment from authorized vendors so you can access the manufacturer’s warranty. Due to their rules, only items purchased from an authorized dealer by pool companies like us are eligible for any warranty at all.

Can you just quote me over the phone for service?

We make quotes for service based on landscaping, pool size and installed equipment. We do not have a ‘flat fee’ for service as all yards and pools are different and require different things. A 10,000 gallon pool with no foliage near the pool is not going to be quoted as much as a 50,000-gallon pool with spillways and many large trees surrounding it. We do not charge for this consultation.